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We Like Games


If you could discover life on another planet by playing a game, would you want to?
Well, a not-for-profit research organization, namely DSRW (Deep Space Radio Wave Project) is on a mission to “capture deep space radio waves and analyze them for patterns and messages”. The organization shares all finding with the public, on their website, enabling the community to get involved and help answer the age long  question: “Are we alone in the universe?” (Warren, 2012).

Midway through the articel, Warren mentioned that the website features a Warner Bros. Entertainment Copyright logo on the page. The logo suggests that this space mission, is part of a broader campaign for a TV show or feature film;  And most likely a gamification marketing element (Below is a screen shot of the game).


In the past year, there has been a growing trend towards applying gamification elements towards the marketing of feature films (Warren, 2012). From movies like The Dark Knight Rises, The Hunger Games, and Toy Story 3 puzzles and other game qualities were applied to their social media marketing platforms.

So what is Gamification:

Over the past couple of years, marketers have been implementing game-like qualities into a number of social media apps, which are made accessible through one’s browser and mobile device. Elements of gamification include: levels, leader boards, badges or points, rewards for participation and competition amongst gamers using the site (Armano, 2011).  According, to Armano, 2012 was the rise of the gamification marketing trend, as a majority of organizations began implementing it into their marketing strategy. By utilizing gamification elements, organizations are better able to engage with customers who are aware of tricks associated with traditional advertising. The most critical advantage of this strategy however, is that individuals are returning for more! (Rollason, 2011).

Gaming Statistics (Rollason, 2011):

  • “M2 Research have predicted that the gamification market will be worth an estimated $1 Billion by 2015”
  • “An estimated 20 million of the more than 25 million 12 -17 year olds in the US are gamers”
  • “20% of the US population have played a game on a social network sites. And what’s more, that 35% of these social game players are first time gamers who have never played any other kind of video game”
  • “Americans are now spending 22.7% of their online time on social networks, which is far more than anything else, including email at 8.3% “

So now that you know the space mission is potentially a marketing strategy, if you are curious as to what movie it is associated with, start cracking the code!


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Social Media’s Impact on the Television and Film Industry

tv movies social medialWatching  television shows and going to the movies, has always been a social experience; one enjoyed by individuals of all ages. Recall the opening night of your favorite movie, for me it was Harry Potter. In anticipation of the movie, my friends and I stood in line discussing the actors and the scenes we couldn’t wait to see; and shortly after the movie, every single one of us raved about it to our friends and family. The same happened when one of my favorite shows, The Vampire Diaries, started; I got about 4 of my friends hooked on the show, so between our university class breaks, we would watch episodes online or read the comments on the show’s Facebook page- in anticipation for the next episode.

Since movies and television shows have always been a social experience to me, it’s quite natural for me to see studios working and being influenced so greatly by social media platforms.

According to Kay M. Madati, head of entertainment and media and global marketing solutions at Facebook, although the top 5 broadcasting networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and the CW) each launched between 25-30 shows this season, only about six shows will do well. He further stated that television ratings have been decreasing; which may be attributed to the breaks taken between seasons (Petronzio,2012).  Thus, many content producers in the entertainment industry have resorted to social media marketing as a strategy for improving their television and film launch.

On average, individuals spend about 8hrs per week visiting social networking sites (Social Media Today,2012), therefore, in order to make those individuals aware of the shows content, and distribute the content across multiple platforms, producers are aligning their strategies with major social media platforms, such as Facebook.

Social media sites enable friends to obtain and  share their opinions about movies and TV shows watched. Thus, permitting discussion and questions regarding the movie or show to be distributed through a social media form of word-of-mouth advertising. In addition to word of mouth advertising, social media campaigns are put up throughout the show’s airing as well as during periods whereby there is a break between seasons. Examples of platform campaigns include: telling a longer story associated with the featured show on social media platform pages, encouraging discussion by posting clips and pictures of popular scenes after the show has been aired, and providing contest and promotions for the show/movie on social media pages etc (Petronzio,2012).

Results Associated with Peer Influence and Social Media (Kessler,2012):

  • 73% of movie fans trusted their friends and family members for movie reviews while only 27% trusted movie critics and reputable websites
  • 3/4 Facebook users discover new movies from friends
  • 63% of fans responded that contests and sweepstakes influenced them to “Like” a movie’s Facebook page
  • 50% of fans purchased movie tickets online as a result of social media recommendations
  • 46% of influencers update their Facebook status during a movie

Based on the statistics and the current state of the television and film industry, it is evident that social media plays a central role in marketing shows and movies.


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Social Media Etiquette

Social Media has revolutionized the way people do business. It has provided businesses with a low cost means of advertising, increasing its market share as well as building relationships with employees, suppliers,current and potential customers.  Among all the marketing strategies used by businesses over the years, relationship building and nurturing has been the most important…well, at least for successful businesses.

“You need to have long-term customers and good vendor relationships that will carry you through challenging times or tight deadlines, as well as relationships with other business owners to share struggles, resources and best practices that can really give you an edge. The reality is that business relationships are just like any other relationship. They require some effort to maintain and they must be mutually beneficial. As in any relationship, you must be willing to give, share and support, not just take or receive” -Michael Denisoff, founder and CEO of Denisoff Consulting Group.

Although relationship building and enhancing has been a credible strategy for years, many entrepreneurs get too caught up in the product details and sales pitch, that they tend to neglect their relationships. This has often been the case with social media marketing. What most people need to realize is that individuals use social media sites to get SOCIAL. They are not there to learn about what you have to offer or sell, they are there to post a status updates, share stories with friends, look at pictures, watch videos of dogs playing piano, or maybe play a little Farmville. So it is important that you respect that….unless your goal is to get “unfriended”, in which case you will lose part of your warm market and all the benefits associated with that.

If you are wondering how to build relationships and market your product, then treat social media sites like you are having a virtual BBQ:

When somebody comes over to your house for a summer BBQ, you welcome them in, chat, find out how they are doing and show some interest into what they are saying and just have FUN. You are not pitching your deals or asking people if they want to hear your offer… otherwise, you will just make them feel uncomfortable and they’ll find an excuse to dash.

What you should do, like at a BBQ, is just, get to know them, answer any questions, offer snacks (ie: free advice,suggestions etc.), and casually mention what it is you are doing or selling, without saying things like, “Hey Bob, you will love this toothbrush, its exactly what you need and only costs $20. How many do you want?”; instead you could say ” well, I’ve taken an interest in dental hygiene over the last couple months and at the moment am selling toothbrushes; how about you?” By providing little information and turning the conversation back to the other person you will leave room for curiosity and your friend will most likely be inclined to ask you more question about what it is you are selling and doing. So this is the basic BBQ strategy. And what is great about this strategy, is that, by having conversations you can casually include other friends into the conversation; which is KEY to Facebook marketing and increasing your market share!

According to “Using Facebook for Business- 20 Tips to Make Your Marketing Endeavors Successful“, by Edmond, Facebook serves nearly a seventh of the global population. This means, that you have the opportunity to expand your business to people you don’t even know, locally and internationally. However, over the years businesses have been impacted  as Facebook restricted the posts one receives on their news feed. Have you ever noticed that some friends don’t seem to be active on Facebook? If you have, chances are your friends are active but you are just not receiving the notifications, due to Facebook restricting the number of notifications you receive. How this works is, Facebook tends to publish updates by friends you have recently interacted with or individuals who tend to be highly influential (based on popularity of their photos, status updates etc.) . This has posed a problem for many entrepreneurs and businesses as it restricts their information reaching large audiences.

In order to  overcome the setback, what an individual or company can do, is increase their own popularity by encouraging friends to comment or like their posts (again, by using the BBQ strategy).  The following are a few methods that can be used:

  • Have fun conversations with friends. This can be done on your own wall or the walls of your friends. If you are commenting on YOUR own wall posts, then casually ” tag” other friends and invite them into the conversation. This will not only increase the popularity of your posts (and of yourself), but it will also encourage your friends to learn a bit about your products etc. When commenting and having the “BBQ” conversation with friends on THEIR wall, you are now reaching out to their friendship circles; thus increasing your market share as individuals you may not have known are now able to read your posts and learn a bit about your products.
  • When posting status updates, videos or pictures, tag your friends. By tagging them, your friends and their friends get notified and can contribute to a discussion. This will increase your popularity, as well as build a relationship.
  • A status update or anything posted should never be a sales pitch. Instead post fun facts,information or links for free merchandise and deals that will benefit the reader. After all, people do enjoy getting things for free.
  • Finally, create fan pages, update Facebook daily, link  Facebook to your Twitter or Instagram sites etc. By doing any of these mentioned things, you will be increasing your online social media presence which will allows you to have a higher popularity ranking, allowing your posts to be viewed by a larger audience, increasing your credibility and potential market share.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. If you have any tips to build online relationships please post them below.


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